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Fall Creek

Fall Creek has around the world nurseries where plants of the own breeding programme and other good varieties are propagated. In Europe are 2 nurseries, 1 in Spain for the Southern High Bush Varieties and 1 in the Netherlands for the Northern High Bush Varieties. Together with Fall Creek, we are responsible for the marketing, logistics and grower support of the Northern Highbush Blueberry plants in Russia and Ukraine where the blueberry is quickly expanding.





Duke blueberries are the leading early ripening Northern Highbush variety. It is known for its high yields of uniform sized, quality fruit. Duke’s mild flavor seems to improve with cold storage. Maintaining the plant vigor of Duke blueberries can be a challenge over a long period of time. Growers must choose a quality growing site and continually employ good cultural practices. The Duke blueberry is one of the leading candidates for mechanical harvest, fresh and process sales.

BUSH HABIT: Stocky, Upright
FRUIT QUALITIES: Light Blue, Firm, Mild Flavor
HARVESTING: Handpicking
PRIMARY USE: Fresh, Processed



Exclusive to Fall Creek Genetics™, Clockwork is an early-mid season variety released primarily for machine harvest, high quality, process markets. Clockwork has a highly concentrated ripening period. The berries are medium sized, have intense flavor and aroma, and high brix. As a new introduction into the commercial marketplace with true potential for a single pick harvest, we recommend Clockwork for commercial plantings in the mid and north of Europe.

RIPENING SEASON: Early/Mid-season
BUSH HABIT: Narrow Crown, Upright
FRUIT QUALITIES: Medium Blue, Firm, Intense Berry Flavor
HARVESTING: Suitable for machine harvest
PRIMARY USE: Processed



Still a standout variety, Draper has a compact habit, ripens early mid season, is highly productive as a young plant, and has outstanding fruit quality. With exceptionally firm berries and concentrated ripening periods, Draper maintains excellent post-harvest color retention and superior shelf life. It is extremely fast to hand-pick and also has potential to be harvested by machine. Draper is often a leading choice for both fresh and IQF markets.

BUSH HABIT: Rounded, Stocky
FRUIT QUALITIES: Light Blue, Firm, Crisp, Sweet Flavor
HARVESTING: Hand-pick, potential for machine harvest
PRIMARY USE: Fresh, Processed



VALOR™ ‘ZF08-070’

Exclusive to Fall Creek Genetics™ The Valor® ZF08-070 blueberry, is very grower-friendly. Valor ZF08-070 blueberries are a standout for cold hardiness, fruit sizing, ease of picking and yield. Flavor and firmness are more comparable to Legacy than Draper. The ZF08-070 blueberry could fill a strong need for a cold-hardier, multipurpose variety in the PNW.

BUSH HABIT: Upright, Vigorous
FRUIT QUALITIES: Uniform Fruit, Medium Firmness, Tart Initially But Very Sweet When Fully Ripe
PRIMARY USE: Fresh, Processed





Liberty blueberries are a late season, fast growing, upright bush and has performed well in Oregon and Western Washington. Harvest begins 7-10 days before Elliott. Liberty blueberries are slightly flat, sky-blue in color, and have a balanced appealing flavor. High temperatures during harvest of the Liberty blueberry can result in soft fruit. Berries detach extremely easily making proper operation of mechanical harvesters important.

BUSH HABIT: Open, Upright, Vigorous
FRUIT QUALITIES: Light Blue, Balanced Flavor
HARVESTING: Handpicking
PRIMARY USE: Fresh, Processed




Exclusive to Fall Creek Genetics™, Last Call blueberries are a very late season Northern Highbush that ripens in the same window as Aurora and Elliott. The vigorous, upright Last Call blueberry bush produces high yields of large berries with a classic sweet and slightly aromatic blueberry flavor. Although primary use is for commercial fresh production, we also recommended the Last Call blueberry for processed or local market growers wanting to extend their harvest season.

BUSH HABIT: Upright, Vigorous
FRUIT QUALITIES: Light Blue, “Classic” Blueberry Flavor
HARVESTING: Handpicking
PRIMARY USE: Fresh, Processed



Aurora blueberries are one of the latest ripening Highbush varieties. Berries are on average about 25% larger than Elliott with a slightly darker color. Aurora blueberries are often more resistant to cracking and shriveling than Elliott and as a result, it can be allowed to hang longer, and develop better flavor. We recommend the Aurora blueberry for growers where a cold hardy, hand harvest berry is desired to extend the fresh market season.

BUSH HABIT: Rounded, Spreading, Vigorous
FRUIT QUALITIES: Medium Blue, Firm, Tart
HARVESTING: Handpicking